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7 Tips For Renting A House In Malaysia By Dato Darren Yaw


How do you choose a residential place to rent when so many postings online for apartments and houses for rent? So, to help you get started, Dato Darren Yaw has provided some advice.


Nowadays, purchasing a home requires a substantial investment, and as many youngsters have complained, many are currently unable to own a home. According to Dato Darren Yaw, the most excellent alternative is to rent a property to live in while you put money down to buy your ideal house someday.


However, many youngsters like renting over buying since it gives them more freedom to move about and choose their own housing, according to Dato Darren Yaw. Whatever your motive, use Dato Darren Yaw’s rental checklist to simplify your life:


1. How To Choose A Rental Property Location

According to Dato Darren Yaw, determining potential rental locations in advance is a good idea. These locations should not be too far off from your place of work for young professionals. Stay close to your university if you’re a student. Dato Darren Yaw suggested that this is a real consideration to reduce travel time and expenses. 

Visit the area to look it over. Take a poll among your colleagues and friends. To find out if using buses, trains, monorails, and other forms of public transit is simple, Dato Darren Yaw advises doing some research. Are there any amenities nearby that can be reached by foot? Exist any stores where you could shop for food, wash laundry, etc.? 

2. When Visiting A Rental Apartment, What Should You Do And Enquire?

After you have narrowed down potential rental neighborhoods, pick a few units to tour. You’ll exhaust yourself looking for rental properties here.



If you can’t tolerate the heat, go in the afternoon and check to see if your windows receive afternoon sunlight, said Dato Darren Yaw. If you have a sleeping problem, go to the apartment in the evening to check on the noise level of the street, the neighbors, and the other residents.

You may want to look out for the facilities before signing the leasing agreement if you plan to rent a property with access to a gym, swimming pool, or daycare facility, suggested Dato Darren Yaw. 

If you plan to drive, find out if there is a free parking space for your car. Ask about the monthly payment quantity if you have to spend for parking. Ask to examine the parking area to ensure it appears secure and has enough illumination. According to Dato Darren Yaw, if you have a choice of lots to rent, choose one that is well-lit and close to the stairs or elevator.

 3. Conduct A Thorough Investigation Of The Region And Neighborhood

Dato Darren Yaw advised doing so to determine whether the place is safe—mainly whether it is secure to walk alone at night. Are the roads and walks lit? This is crucial for women who use public transportation and then go home alone at night.

Consider some of the things you wouldn’t be able to live without. Do you enjoy running outdoors? See if there is a park that is simple to go to. 

4. How To Determine Whether Your Monthly Rental Amount Is Reasonable

Dato Darren Yaw advises asking persons you know who are residents of the area about the monthly rental before seeing the actual unit. Additionally, you may conduct research online by browsing comparable listings on This enables you to learn the neighborhood’s typical rental rate and prevent paying too much. 

5. Examining The Leased Property

Before you sign the rental contract, carefully review everything in the apartment. Verify that nothing is broken by looking over the furnishings. According to Dato Darren Yaw, the fan, air conditioner, water heater, stove, refrigerator, washing machine, and other electrical items are in functioning order. When the owner is, there is the ideal time to check.

Before you move in, ask the landlord to fix anything that is broken. If you are working with a real estate agent, ask them to speak with the owner on your behalf. 

6. Enquire About Home Repairs



Dato Darren Yaw advised asking the landlord if they would come to fix broken electrical items and water faucets. What are the details of the list of repairs the landlord will cover? This is particularly crucial for older developments because replacing outdated plumbing, fixtures, and appliances may be expensive. According to Dato Darren Yaw, it is best to have the landlord’s obligations outlined precisely in the leasing agreement.


7. Ensure That You Sign A Lease Agreement

Due to the lack of a rental act or rule in Malaysia, according to Dato Darren Yaw, a rental contract is crucial. Ensure the terms and conditions benefit both you and the owner and are not just in their best interests.

Before finalizing the rental contract, Dato Darren Yaw advised people to study everything carefully. If there is the fine print, which is probably when a lawyer created the agreement, request additional time to read it or seek the advice of your own lawyer. Ask for an explanation if something is unclear to you.